Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Piles of Laundry

Does anyone have a system down for laundry? Please share if you do. I'm really interested in what others do in this area since for the past 9 years of marriage It's probably been my biggest chore issue. I'm determined to beat the laundry monster and any ideas are appreciated.

Currently I have 5 laundry baskets, they're all full of clothes. One basket is full of folded Baby J clothes but the others are full of of unfolded clothes that belong to everyone else. See I can clean the clothes and dry them but it's the sitting down and folding the piles and the putting it all away that gets me in the end. I never feel like it ever gets finished.

Tonight my plan is to sit on my newly carpeted bedroom floor and attack one unfolded basket after another. I plan to use the floor to sort my piles and then give each person their own basket. I also think I need to have a pile for things that need to go and things that need to be stored. I expect to come away with an aching back and to be tired but also throughly tickled because I completed the folding step!

In regards to getting the laundry put away, I'm thinking if I set the bar midrange and shoot for putting away one basket a day then I should get my laundry put away by sunday night. So I can start next week out with empty baskets to fill with one or two loads of laundry. I'm thinking if I make it a goal to fold at least a load every night after dinner or something then I can keep on top of it.

Oh yeah I mentioned sitting on my newly carpeted floor. Well it's so cozy. Honestly I'm not sure if I like the color and style of the carpet yet now that it's laid, who can really tell when you're buying essentially a square of carpet with no idea what the square times 100 or so will look like?? Ahhh but it's growing on me! The functional aspects that it's provided just the last 24 hours have been wonderful. The noise upon walking up the stairs is so minimal compared to before. The whole upstairs feels warmer and more comfortable and strangely larger in size (carpet can do that?). So if the color and such doesn't grow on me oh well! At least it muffles the noise in our cozy, little abode and allows us to use the space in more ways ie. folding laundry on the floor I'd have never done that before! Strangely the kids keep laying in the stairwell, what's up with that?? Funny little nubbins!

Oh yes please, please share if you have any laundry wisdom or thoughts or you're in the same boat as me.

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