Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm laying here in bed typing with one finger. I've been in bed since yesterday at 11am. Jason came home early for me b/c i felt so ill on tuesday afternoon, he went to work wednesday but came home for me at/about 11am and then just stayed home for me today.

So I'm in bed sick and I'm apparently super tired to have slept essentially 24 hours straight. It seems that my throat, head and chest has been taken over by phlegm. And it came on really fast. I just felt achey tuesday morning and then I went downhill from there. UGG!

Hopefully all this sleeping will help and I'll feel better tomorrow. Jason wants to go on a retreat he was invited on this weekend and I would really like him to go and enjoy himself but if I'm still sick I know he won't go.

I hope to feel better soon too b/c my hips are killing me from laying on them for so long!

On another note, i bought a bread machine last week and it was delivered yesterday. I've read a lot lately on whether or not it's cheaper to own a bread machine or to continue to buy bread from the store. Currently I'm spending around $30-$40 a month on bread right now, no kidding. We like to eat and like the kids to eat bread that has at least 3 grams of fiber per slice. I usually spend $2.50 (or sometimes $1.99 when there's a sale) per loaf. The kids usually eat pb&j every day and we'll have french toast sometimes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner so the bread goes quick in our house.

So during my bread machine hunt did I find whether or not it's cheaper to own a bread machine than to buy store loaves? Well some seemed to believe it was and others seem to think it was a wash after you purchase all of the whole grain flours and other ingredients. But there did seem to be a consensus on homemade bread being healthier than store bought bread.

Overall though I think I will save money. The particular bread machine I bought also makes jam. I spend a great deal on jam monthly. I've been pretty disappointed with all the high fructose corn syrup laden jams and jellies on the market shelves these days. Although I try to buy jams and jellies that don't have high fructose corn syrup in them, I must confess b/c of cost factors lately my kids jams and jellies do contain high fructose corn syrup. I look forward to making homemade jams instead of being limited to the selection in the market and by my check book.

I found a recipe for grape jam that you can make out of pure grape juice on the stove so if you're interested in making your own grape jam on the stove top let me know and I'll pass on the recipe. This will allow you to control what kind of sugar/sweetener goes into the jam as well as the amount. I've read it's pretty easy to make your own jams so you don't need no fancy bread machine to do it for you. I'm however grateful to have found a machine that has dual purpose.

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Miss P's Mama said...

You get more bang for your buck with homemade bread - or bread from a bakery or even Whole Foods. I learned from that show "Good Eats" on the Food Network that most store bought bread is air. So, essentially, you are getting 50% good stuff and 50% air. So, making it at home pretty much guarantees you get more of the good stuff.

We had a bread machine, but I never used it. I am not that ambitious.....I wish we kept it now cuz I would have given it to you.