Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I think it's so cool when you look back at pictures of yourself as a kid and you see your kids! As a kid I never imagined I'd be married let alone have kids. Those things never seemed real to me for some reason. But now that I have kids it means a lot to me that they look like me in some way, I don't know why but it does. I thought I'd post some pics of myself that remind me of my kids when I look at them.
The first one is me at 4 years old I think. I believe it was my kindergarten picture from McGuffey Elementary. I can see Baby J in my face. And that is Super N's hair!
The next one is when I was 3 and we were living in Pensacola Florida. That definitely is Super N's hair!
In the last one I'm 9 years old, I see W from the nose down! That is definitely his smile. Its nice b/c everyone always says to him, since he was born, that he looks exactly like his dad.
I don't have many pics of the Hub to put up here. Actually I have only one baby picture of him. Maybe I'll try to get some pictures from his mom and post him up here too.

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