Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nature Babycare Disposable Diapers

So there is a Disposable Diaper out there that is "greener" than the rest! Nature Babycare Diapers says this in regards to the difference between their dipes and others,

"60% of the content is biodegradable and of biological origin compared to about leading brands who content 80% for oil based. The back sheet of the Nature diaper is a lamination of renewable/biodegradable corn Bio film and of natural tree-pulp TCF-pulp (totally chlorine free) tissue. The tissue in the lamination is made of natural tree-pulp TCF-pulp (totally chlorine free) with FSC certification. The printing colour on the diapers is, certified by OK Compost. Certificate attesting to the fact that the printing ink is free of heavy metals injurious to health. As a distribution lawyer Nature use a material based on 100 % renewable /compost able material. Naty AB has developed the compost able /biodegradable corn Bio film, which is used in the lamination. The film is based on cornstarch and biodegradable polyester. The compost ability of this product is certified by the ”Ok Compost”. The compost able /biodegradable corn film is 100 % GM free. The compost able/biodegradable corn film is not only watertight but also “breathes” resulting in an airier, drier and more comfortable diaper. The consumer packaging is made in 100 % GM free compost able material, certified by OK compost. The pulp is totally chlorine free and certified by the Swedish Society for Nature conservation. "

Click here for more FAQ about these diapers.

Also, the prices are about $1 more than the leading diaper brands out there. Now I use Target brand so I spend a lot less on diapers. But I think I'm going to order some from Diapers.com and use them on W until he's potty trained and on Super N part time. I personally have been going through 480 disposable diapers a month...I know! So having recently gone back to cloth for Baby J and part time with Super N and W is starting to potty train I won't have to buy as many disposable dipes. And for those days where everyone is sick and I can't get to the laundry pile to wash, or when Gramma & Grampa have the babes, etc. I can feel better knowing that the sposies I use are better for the environment or "greener".

If you choose to purchase Nature Babycare Diapers from Diapers.com use my referral code and you get $10 off your first purchase.

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Another thing, I can't take credit for finding these diapers. Kelli over at Gohn Crazy blogged about her recent experience using these diapers so head on over there and read what she has to say.


SelimaCat said...

Do you know how these compare to gDiapers?

Anonymous said...

Gotta spread the good news. :) Thanks for the tip. $10.00 is a great savings!