Monday, July 14, 2008

My New Toy

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I never thought I'd buy a laptop but I was won over! The Hub talked me into getting my very own laptop and it arrived yesterday. It's pretty as you can see from the pics above, white & silver. And it has a bunch of fun features to boot! I can't wait to take a moment (hopefully in the near future) to go to a coffee shop and read all my mom blogs or just peruse the internet with my cup of joe. Fun, fun!


Miss P and Baby E's Mama said...

I am jealous. Mine just bit the dust after just 2 years. ugh. Well...the screen, but what the heck? Can't use a computer w/out a monitor. :(

Lynn said...

It is beautiful! And with 3 kiddos, probably super necessary. Now if you can just keep your coffee cup close enough to drink, but far enough away that it doesn't get launched onto your keyboard. :)