Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby Greats

Taking a cue from my friend Kristin, I thought I'd write a few things about each of my babes that make me smile, laugh, or tear up. This seems very timely to me, thank you Kristin, b/c I'm having a difficult time being grateful as a SAHM since having Baby J.


  • When he asks for what he wants in a mostly complete sentence. I can't believe how grown up he's becoming.
  • When he says, "momma you're silly!"
  • How he looks at Baby J in the eyes, smiles real big, and says, "Hi Baby Jofuv".
  • How he tries to lead Super N in Ring Around the Rosies by grabbing her hand and pulling her.
  • How he likes to cuddle at times and be held by just me.
  • When he sees me cry he gets right in my face and says, "Momma's sad".
  • Sometimes when he's whining & upset we can make him laugh by just laughing really loudly.
  • I love that he's a silent observer at times.

Super N:

  • My little bundle of fun! Always getting herself into trouble!
  • Her smile and laugh they're just wonderful. I was spinning around in circles at the pool this week and she was just giggling and grinning and holding onto my neck for dear life.
  • She likes to touch my face and play with my hair.
  • She's teaching me how to cuddle more b/c she thrives on it.
  • How when she goes to Gramma's she puts the Lego Can over her head and walks around the house running into walls.
  • How she can fall asleep anywhere even upright while eating dinner.
  • I love that she'll dance whenever she hears music.

Baby J:

  • When I sing to him he just looks at me so intensely with his big bright eyes.
  • I love that his little body conforms into my torso and arms when I nurse him~he knows he belongs.
  • He cracks me up (although it's very stressful and frustrating but in retrospect) when he manages to have his bowel movements at the worst times. Like for instance on the plane on the way to Vegas and it was a blow out...all over mommas skirt!
  • I love when he pretends to be Super Man. He balances on his belly and spreads his arms and legs up and out while looking all around, it's very sweet.
  • His adult like gassiness...shoot...he and daddy are in competition. But seriously it's shockingly funny!


Lynn said...

What a great idea! I love what you wrote. Super N sounds hysterical. :)

Miss P and Baby E's Mama said...

awwe - how Baby J just fits to your body - I love that!