Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vegas Baby

The Hub called yesterday to tell me he was going to be late getting home from work b/c he got caught up on the phone. Of course my initial response was irritation. He was supposed to be getting off early so we could get our butts down to the Com Fest before things got too hairy with Friday traffic and Com Fest parking.

Well his tardiness was worth it! Turns out he was offered a three day weekend in Vegas at the end of July for him and one guest. A company he's been doing business with desires to have him be apart of some planning meetings that are being held at Caesar's Palace. They are going to pay for our flight, hotel & Friday & Saturdays dinners.
Holy Crap!

We have a sitter all lined up already and Baby J will be coming along. I'm so thrilled and really looking forward to this. Although I won't gamble much, too much smoking going on for me to lug the babe down there, I sure will have a ball touring the malls and other hotels. Or just laying in bed watching pay per view, HGTV, Food TV or TLC. OOOOh maybe squeeze in some shopping! Fun. I can enjoy a martini or two instead of being exclusive to Shirley Temple's this time around. Also, beef carpaccio and tuna tartar here I come!
I just can't believe this company is being so generous, I'm so grateful!
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