Friday, June 20, 2008

Therapeutic Gardening

Gardening has been so good for me. I have found it to be such a relaxing hobby. I'm not sure if yardwork falls into the "gardening" category but I'm throwing it in there. I've been pulling weeds, moving dirt, planting flowers and mowing the lawn a lot in the last few months and I really enjoy it.

After I had Baby J life has taken a turn more towards the chaotic. I feel very stressed out most days and so when the hub comes home and after we eat dinner, he takes the kids and I go outside. It's not anything we've agreed upon but I feel like it's an automatic response for me right now~therapy.

I'm the kind of person who always sees things that need done or changed, I drive the hub and others crazy at times. This although is a good trait in some respects but I think it has tended to drive others away. In relationships this coupled with my inability to be honest, for fear of rejection, has really compromised many a friendship (truly a topic for another day!). Wow..tangent! Back to gardening, I have a lot of projects in my head that I'd like to research and see if I have the time, ability, money and stamina to complete this next year we'll see. One advantage though of being this way is that things are never boring...:)

So right now in my life I'm feeling quite lonely. It's pathetic...I know. I bet this is a common feeling of SAHM's of little kids. But gardening has been therapeutic. It's provided exercise, time to think and just a change. No I'm not talking to the birds, bugs and mice like Cinderella but there's still a few more months of summer!

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Miss P and Baby E's Mama said...

grrrrrllll - I am right there with you. Funny how lonely we feel even though we are surrounded by others 24/7. :)

we should start coffee talk. we come to one another's house - in our pj's, kids in pj's and have a cup of coffee together for like an hour or two. we could just throw out cereal and fruit for the kids. we don't even have to get our teeth brushed or bras on. like once a month or something? could we commit to it?