Thursday, June 26, 2008

Almost 2

Super N will be 2 in a little over a month. I'm so excited to see the changes in her. She seems much more engaged in learning as of late and she seems to really enjoy trying to read books on her own. Although she likes it when me or her daddy read to her she often prefers to sit in the floor and attempt to read a book on her own. This could be that I haven't made enough quality time with her or it could be that she actually does prefer to do it on her own.
I am excited (bittersweet) for W to go to preschool for a few reasons, one being that I'll get more time to spend with Super N. I have some picture books and some flash cards that I've been waiting to share with her. W has his own flash cards and picture books and now Super N can have her own. I think she'll really thrive from the time alone with mommy without big brother around. Of course Baby J will continue to grow and demand more attention but she'll still gain more b/c of the nature of one less babe around for 6 hours a week.

I really love my little girl. She is a lot of fun. She's very tough and very sweet as well. She's content it seems to be laid back but she seems to stick up for herself when needed. Having a stubborn big brother that's only 16 months older has taught Super N a lot. She has learned to share, give hugs and kisses, ask for what she wants (of course in toddler speak), go with the flow, and she's learned how to play all by herself. The Hub and I are very grateful for this little girl. Although she seems to be a strong willed babe she has lit up our life in so many ways and we are incredibly grateful for her.
I'm enrolling Super N in a tumbling class. I know she'll love it and it will be a time for us to spend together. I think after class we'll go get a snack together to prolong our "date". The Hub and I made a decision this past week that it was time to start having"dates" with our kids. He and W went to a Preschool Workshop at COSI a few weeks ago on magnets~they loved it! I'm going to enroll him in another one soon for he and daddy to enjoy. Also, there is one on farm animals that he wants to take with Super N soon. I'm grateful to have so many resources for toddlers in Central Ohio. I'm attempting to loosely plan out our fall and winter so that we don't have to spend all our time in the house. What a strange, frustrating and yet enjoyable time in our lives.

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