Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Potty Time II

Using the potty seems to be going better. In fact W just pooped in the potty...yay! When we've been home the last few days he will take off his diaper when he has to pee and get on the potty. His potty gave him 10 stickers over the last 3 days so he got a prize of a chocolate ice cream cone last night after dinner. Today I've let him run around bottomless and lo and behold he went on his own accord and pooped! He seems to like the idea that this is his potty and that he can go whenever he wants and also the sticker chart, M&M's and the prizes (after every 10 stickers) are a big incentive.

Even though I know this is not about me I'm happy that it's a little easier. I need to put in W's preschool application in July, soon, so now that he's showing some clear potty readiness I am relieved. And my confidence in potty training my children is improving a little every day.

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