Wednesday, September 03, 2008

W's First Day of Preschool

W's first day of preschool was yesterday. He was so excited! When I took him to the classroom I stuck around for about a half an hour b/c he was very apprehensive and scared. But his teacher Mrs. F swooped in and let him sit with her, that was all it took and he was fine with out mom for a few hours.
I didn't cry. I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing mostly b/c there is no ramp into the school and so I couldn't take the stroller in. We were running late and so I quickly grabbed Baby J and herded the other two into the school. I of course didn't anticipate holding Baby J for over a half an hour or debating with Super N about why she couldn't stay, her time will be next year.
When I picked W up he was so excited! He was quick to tell me that he went down the red slide and that he got a sticker and then showed me by shoving it under my nose. He was so cute!
I did waant to find out how Potty Time went so I asked Mrs. D his other teacher. She sais she really didn't know b/c she doesn't go into the bathroom with the boys. I assumed he would be too scared to go and I was affirmed soon after as we got out of the van at home, he peed on one of the seats in the van. Another reason why I searched my butt off to get a used van w/ leather upholstery! He returns tomorrow and must brave preschool w/ 19 other kids. Fun. fun!
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Glass of Whine said...

Awwe - our little W is all growns up. How incredibly sweet is that picture? Love it - and love hearing he did so well on the first day.

Amanda C. said...

Congrats to W on his first day of preschool! And, congrats to Mommy for making it through the first day so bravely, too!

Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

He looks so excited in that picture. I'm glad his first day was good.