Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spending Money To Make Money.

If I never see another paint can or cardboard box again it will be too soon!

Let's get this house on the market and sold already. I'm so on edge and convinced it's going to take years for my house to sell and my kids will be going to college when it finally does sell and then it will be pointless!

Alright, alright call me a pessimist.

The house we want is having an open house today. I've thought about using the kids binoculars and scoping it out from across the street just to see how many people I must compete with. The Hub suggested I go in and point out all the flaws REAL loud and obnoxiously....I'm considering this option.

But a good friend said to me Wednesday that God will meet my needs and WILL give me this house if it's meant for us. I'm trying to buy that line. God is good. But I've been so burned as of late with relationships that it's so painful for me to not put up a wall between me and God. Why is that? Does that even make sense? How can I accept the good things from God but when I suffer I put up a wall? In general though I've been pretty cynical about all things spiritual. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing b/c I need to figure out things for myself so I can live honestly but with having babes over the last 3 years and going through so many life, physical and emotional changes-let's just say I don't feel like myself anymore.

Wow I really digress. My post title, Spending Money to Make Money, is expressing currently what is happening in our "journey" to put our house on the market. We have spent roughly 10k getting this house up to par. It's very stressful. But I will tell you it's hard to believe our house won't sell, but I bet everyone in this position thinks this.

Wouldn't be cool if in a month from today I wrote a blog post expressing my excitement over selling my house?

The exterior painter comes Wednesday to power wash the house. He will then begin the process of scraping old paint, filling cracks and holes, replacing trim pieces and then painting our house. We will then place our house on the market. So as of today we have about 1o days to finish everything inside the house so we can put our house on the market.


Amanda C. said...

Go, girl, go! Sounds like you and the hubby have really done a lot of work on the house. I totally understand what you're going through right now. We spent four years of renovations and an ungodly amount of money to get our house show ready. The buyers close on it this Friday. It was only on the market for about five or six months, which really isn't too long, but seemed like an eternity for us, since we'd already moved into our new house. I wish we were able to recoup all the money we put into it, but at this point, I'm happy to get rid of a second mortgage payment each month along with the extra utility bills. I wish you guys nothing but the best! You've got a great house, and I think you'll do well with your sale.

Glass of Whine said...

What an enormous job. Hopefully you will buy and sell quickly and can get some rest! I can't imagine how hard that has been with 3 little ones underfoot!