Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby J 5.5 months

Baby J escaped out of his Boppy yesterday while playing. I ran into the kitchen to do something and when I came back I discovered him army crawling backwards on the rug. Apparently he wants to move! The other kids were not like this. Super N was pretty much a lump for 11 months and W just didn't seem interested until around 9 months or so. If I were to guess I think he probably is itching to play with his siblings.
Also, Baby J has decided to finally like his daddy again. He now smiles at daddy and he also will cuddle with daddy and allow him to hold him for an extended period of time. Mommy is thrilled about this turn of events! Oh yes the colic is all gone! And the last few days Baby J has barely spit up-which is wonderful! He's also still nursing and has started eating bananas within the last 3 days, he really loves them.

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Amanda C. said...

Yay for all the wonderful turn of events with Baby J! Isn't funny how every kid is different, even when they grow up in the same household? Yeah, ask my mother about that some time! ;)