Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey Yo!

I was in a car accident two Sundays ago. Coming home from camping I stopped at a red light just before the exit that would lead me to my children. Jason was in Las Vegas for work and the kids were at their grandparents. The only thing on my mind was a cup of coffee and a hot shower and getting through the rest of the day on a limited amount of sleep from the previous two nights, Jason wasn't due home until late that night. While camping it rained and at night the temperatures were in the high 20's, I felt it. I couldn't get warm the whole weekend so I hiked and hiked and hiked some more. I had so much fun.

So I was in a car accident. While at a light I see in my rearview mirror a car come flying around a bend in the road. I knew by how fast he was driving that he was going to fly through the red light and into the intersection. But for some reason he came into my lane and slammed into me...I guess the big silver minivan was a better target than the unknown of the intersection...fucker. At any rate, he hit me going about 55 mph. And since I saw it coming I stood on my brake, had enough time to say, "That Motherfucker!" and then he hit me. My van moved about a foot but fortunately did not hit another car in front of me. So dude's car was totaled and needed towed away and he got a ticket and admitted he wasn't paying attention (that makes me feel better b/c he didn't say sorry for rear ending me.) I on the other was just like, "let me the fuck out of here cause this is annoying and all I want is a cup of coffee." But the cops told me to go to the ER and get checked out because my left arm was numb near the shoulder area. I went to the ER and I'm fine overall, no broken bones.

What a headache this has been. I was in the ER for 5.5 hours, never did get that cup of coffee...:) The Huz stayed home the next day and the grandparents kept the kids until their dad could get them the next day. I filled my muscle relaxer script, took a hot shower and passed out for a whole day. I woke up to an answering machine full of messages from Chiropractors, Lawyers and Auto Body Shops-bastards. This continued every single day for the last week, minus the weekend. I also received 5 or more pieces of mails from other law practices, collision repair centers and medical offices, every single day. Talk about BULLSHIT! It seems traffic accidents are for all to see and anyone can access the information, including my phone number and address. They even have my driver's license number...WTF. Can you tell I'm annoyed? Yeah I'm annoyed alright.

So my shoulder and left arm have been burning and are really tight and they keep going numb. I took it easy while at the Y but it was just pissing me off cause it frickin hurts-I totally know it could've been way worse and I'm terribly grateful it's not.

So yesterday I fought on the phone with the dude's insurance, Grange, because they want me to bring my van to one of their collision locations so I can get an inspection by one of their estimators. Say what? I've been in 9 other car accidents (I caused one) and the person at fault, their insurance company has always come to my house and estimated the damage. I explained that I had 3 little kids and how it really was an inconvenience for me to have to come to them especially when I wasn't the one that was at fault...they didn't care because that's the way they do it. So to get them off my back, I packed up the kids and got them in the van to go meet their estimator. On the way out I checked the mailbox and saw a letter from Grange. It was from one of the guys I talked to last Tuesday, 6 days ago as of yesterday. The letter said, "That although I have 2 years to file a claim...He was going to close my file in 1o days since he hasn't been able to get a hold of me for some time." WTF? It's been 6 days?? Dude give me a frickin bone, I have 3 little kids (and although it's hard to believe for some, we don't sit around the house all day eating bonbons and watching tv.) AND I wasn't the one that caused the damn accident. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about..but let's just say they're a bit pushy.

Today we are dropping the van off at the dealership/body shop that we usually go to. Grange has arranged for me to have a rental car meet me there. I have an appointment with a sports med doctor next week to have my shoulder looked at and I had my phone disconnected, we were planning on doing this anyways and using our cells but I did it a bit sooner since my phone number got handed out. So friends if you need to get a hold of me just shoot me an email and I'll give you my cell number.

What a pain... oh my goodness.


Aliceson said...

What a headache! That' BS about the estimator not coming to your house. Dealing with insurance companies can be such a hassle and super frustrating considering you weren't at fault. What an unnecessary disruption. I hope you start to feel better soon and that this whole insurance thing gets cleared up.

Sheila said...

OH MY GOD!! That totally sucks!! I'm so sorry! And I understand where you are coming from!!

Jenni said...

That is quite an ordeal!

Good luck w/the sports med. doctor. I hope you heal quickly and your plans for your tri don't get derailed.

Anonymous said...

been there, done that. with 1 more kid and a move. =) the good thing was that we were moving and the phone number was not a problem. =) and the at-fault's insurance have been so good with us! took me forever to get a rental van, but they HAD to give me one with 4 young kids in car seats. big headache, yes!! any news on your van and the damage?