Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby J: 18 months

Baby J, what a delight. He's so silly and makes all of us laugh. He's ma, da da, Naw ra (Super N), Wha (W), ma (mine), ball, apple, nana (banana), la u (love you), ba (bye), he (hi) and a few others I can't remember right now. Here's some pics from this morning, a belly ache got me up at 4am-BAH!, hence pictures pre 7am. It's neat to be able to enjoy this age with my littlest.

When W was 18 months, Super N was 1.5 months, and that time was pure chaos. In retrospect I don't recall being able to enjoy the age of 18 months for very long because I was so overwhelmed. But now things are not as chaotic and I don't have an infant to attend to nor a pregnancy to be distracted by, I was 7 months pregnant when Super N was 18 months. Things are a bit easier with the kids these days, yes I'm overwhelmed still, not sure that will ever change it's pretty much self induced but overall they're really great. We started Letterboxing and we hike at least once a week or just go out and explore. The older two are now completely potty trained (sans a night dipe which Super N doesn't seem to wet.) The kids increasing independence has become delightful for all.

Some negatives I am dealing with are a whiney, sometimes so intense I want to drop him off on the side of the road, 4.5 year old and my 3 year old likes to throw royal, ear screeching tantrums in the middle of Old Navy and other establishments, Chick Fil A...But overall they're sweet and can talk to me about stuff and make their desires known-huge, HUGE deal-am I right?

Although winter frightens me a little with the dreary days and the feelings of being stuck inside for months on end, I'm excited for Christmas and for the Columbus Zoo Wild-lights and just overall seeing the kids enjoy this time of year. Anyone else looking forward to Christmas or winter in some way? Or are you dreading it? Do you have "things" planned to keep the babes busy during that time of year? Always interested to learn what others are planning.


Shell said...

Sometimes I think that we have such parallel lives with our children!

I've been enjoying my youngest's stages so much more this time- for the same reason as you- there isn't young toddler or a baby or a pregnancy to take care of, too.

Jenni said...

Wow, look at Baby J! Not really a baby anymore.

I have to say I'm ejoying Miles' infancy so much this time around not being pregnant. I feel like I'm finally in a good place with boys and and things are getting not quite eaiser, but less GAAAAH!

It doesn't get frightfully cold or start snowing in DC until sometime after January, so we'll continue out outdoor play for 3 or 4 hours a day until it stays below 35 degrees or so all day long. When it does get too cold, I'm going to start doing "cooking" crafts - like having them help me make pizza, cut/decorate sugar cookies. Don't know what else.

The Three 22nds said...

I enjoyed a lot of things with my current youngest- things I didn't even remember with my others due to the chaos. It is kind of sad, but there are pros to having them close together too.

It snowed today and the kids have been out sledding. It pushed me into a slightly depressed state. We have such long, cold winters here and when they start in October it makes things worse.

On the plus side my 5 year old can get all of his snow stuff on, and I only have to help the 4 year old a little. 2 year old is still needy, but this new little one isn't due until March, so I will survive!

Glad things are better...

Momma Bear said...

The Three 22nds, uh uh!!! You're pregnant?! Congrats!! Did I totally miss a reference in a blog post or worst a whole blog post on this? Or is it not out there entirely yet?
So excited for you!

Momma Bear said...

I know Jenni, he's not much of a baby anymore huh?! *sniff* and yet I'm thrilled too.