Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shredhead Update

I'm 8 days in the 30 Day Shred, just finished day 8's workout. I actually though started 9 days ago but I skipped last friday b/c we spent 5 hours in the heat and humidity while at the Ohio State Fair. Baby J was on my back a couple of those hours so I considered that a workout for the day. I'll probably though go 1 day longer to compensate for that missed day. I feel stronger and I can feel my abs. Overall I'm liking this video. It's 20 minute length is badass and just what I need right now.


Shady Lady said...

You go girl!

Sheila said...

Good job!!!! But you can really feel is working? I guess i need to break down and go get one....my pants are getting TIGHTER every day!! UGH!!!

Momma Bear said...

I can feel it working. My legs are tighter and I can feel the muscles again also true for my abs.I can tell my endurance has increased too.Overall I think it's a good deal b/c it's cheap, short and you feel it.