Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm checking out the blog entry where ya'll gave me loads of things to do with my babes and my nephews this summer. Thanks a bunch. See you guys are an awesome resource and are appreciated!

It's almost the weekend and do you know what that means? Comfest!! For those not in this area here's a link to let you into what I'm talkin about. My Huz is taking the day off tomorrow so we can spend the day there. It's so much fun. Have a great weekend peeps!

Apparently this is my 400th post, crazy!


Sheila said...

I WANT a COMFEST too!!!! Will you send me some cotton candy? YUM!

Shady Lady said...

How cool!!

mamafry said...

what's your schedule look like this week? i'm off tuesday and friday.