Tuesday, May 12, 2009


From My 4 year old.

W: Should I call you Momma or Mommy?
Momma: You can call me both.

W: Momma do chocolate chips grow in the dirt?
Momma: No (I then go on to explain where chocolate comes from.)
W: Ohhh

Last night over dinner.
W: What's this daddy?
Daddy: It's spinach.
W: I don't want it.
Daddy: But mommy grows it in the garden.
W: Mommy didn't grow this in the garden she got this from the store.
Daddy: Yes but she's growing the same thing in the garden and we'll eat it soon.
W: OH (He seems happy with this answer and thus eats his spinach.)


Rachel said...

If only it were so easy at my dinner table! Maybe I should start gardeing after all...

Cara said...

Cute kids! I think my favorite, though, was the chocolate chips question!

Shady Lady said...

He's just so darn logical! Cute...