Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big Kids

I told my sister that I would take care of her boys while she is at school this summer. That means I'll have them from 8ish in the morning until 2ish in the afternoon monday thru friday. I know too that sometimes, at least once a week, they'll stay for dinner and also stay the night.

I have a mixture of feelings going on in my brain. I'm happy to provide a safe and consistent environment for them but I'm scared because of the committment to provide for two more children. I think logically and logistically it will be fine but emotionally I know it will be a challenge for me.

Some things I thought we'd do are COSI, the Zoo and go to a pool I recently got a membership for. Does anyone have any other ideas? We do crafts, gardening and bake sometimes, the boys can help with those things but what else?

I cannot believe it's almost summer...crazy!

I pick up the boys today so they can hangout with us and have dinner with us. I hope they can over time see our house as a place to chill out or to relax, I want to provide that for them.


Glass of Whine said...

XBOX, Play Station, WII, hahaha! just joking.

Shady Lady said...

Parks? Letterboxing...although that may be too much with little ones.

kasandria said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

reflection said...

Wow! It will be an amazing summer! The "cousin magic" aspect could generate some very good and connecting life experiences.

erin fry said...

yeah, a park that has basketball hoops is good.

and the library.

studio 35 usually does kid movie series during the summer.

chuck e cheese once on either a hot or rainy day.


that's all i got right now.

Rachel said...

I keep two extras (in addition to my 4) two or three days a week. My suggestion is to get out of the house as much as you can. It's much easier to have the kids out and about having fun that being cooped up all day getting on eachother's nerves.

We do the zoo, parks, lots of walks, occasionally the pool (that's a big responsibility, but it might be easier if your nephews are a bit older). The kids love just running around the yard, too, and it gives me a minute to sit down and chat on the phone or read, etc. Also, see if your local library branch offers story time or other fun weekly activities.

I'm sure you'll do just fine - you're a great Momma. Just treat them like one of your own!

Banteringblonde said...

Library is always good during the summer. Maybe a project that lasts the summer - like a scrapbook or something?

Momma Bear said...

thank you guys so much for all of the suggestions!! All of these are possibilities and we will definitely have enought time to accomplish all of them. Oh and GOW we will totally play xbox and the wii periodically, especially on those days when it's rainy.