Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Poop

What's up with kids and poop? Why do they think it's so cool??

I awoke this morning to find (yet again) a naked 2 & 3 year old running amuck in poop! They pulled off a doorknob, that wasn't fully attached, and stuck it in poop and then used it as a stamp to make circular stamp patterns all over the carpet. Yeah okay so they're creative and perhaps we have the making of a couple of future scrapbookers with their stamping talents but I wasn't too thrilled. Off to clean up poop and more poop.


reflection said...

Wait till they try it with a large jar of vasoline from the changing table... It takes 6 washings to get it out of sister´s hair and she´ll still bead water!

erin said...

that sucks!!