Thursday, October 09, 2008


In light of Halloween I thought I'd decorate my blog in the appropriate colors!

Speaking of Halloween, I bought W and Super N their costumes last night while at Once Upon a Child. I was going to buy Baby J a cute little cow number but I needed to save a little money I'll just wait until next year. I'll have plenty of time to decorate him! I'll leave you wondering what I picked up for them. I'll post pics later!

The playgroup I'm apart of is going to a Farm tomorrow to celebrate the Fall Harvest. We did this last year and it was so enjoyable for all of us moms and our kids. One downer I do recall is that with the admission price you were to receive a donut and a hot cup of apple cider. I remember we were all looking forward to the cider b/c nothing says fall like apple cider. Well apparently they ran out and substituted in it's place a little cup of apple juice. You know the kind you used to get in school with the foil lid that you peel back! Needless to say we were all disappointed by that one! It's kind of funny thinking about it in retrospect though!

I'm so excited and I hope that it's cool outside so we can wear sweaters and that there is apple cider there! I also hope the kids love it like they did last year. One drawback is that Amanda and V won't be there this year since they moved to another state. I miss them but I know they are enjoying their new home in Indy.


Glass of Whine said...

Yes, yes, the "cup" of cider...or the Giant Eagle apple juice in a condiment ramekin. ha!

Amanda C. said...

I miss all of you too, and I wish we could be there at the farm with you today! V and I really enjoyed ourselves last year. My new play group actually has a farm visit scheduled for this evening, but Hubby and I will most likely be visiting his grandmother, instead. I plan on us going to the farm as a family some time, soon, though. Hope you all have a great time and you get your apple cider! ;)

BoLOGna said...

((hugs)) we missed you momma bear.