Monday, October 27, 2008

Coming Soon

There is now a realtors sign in our front lawn that says, "Coming Soon"...I'm so relieved. Although our house needs some touch up painting done, the backyard needs some grooming and the house needs a major cleaning we will have it done this week. The house will then be put on the market next Monday. I feel like I can start to relax a little.
In regards to the house we want, once our house is on the market we can make a contingent offer on the house we really want. Who knows if we'll get it but we'll see.
Here's what the outside looks like of the house we'd like.

Update: The Seller of the house we want (the one above) rejected our contingent offer...sad but true.


BoLOGna said...

sending you good housing selling vibes!

SelimaCat said...

It's gorgeous, B! Lots of the absolute best luck to you!

Amanda C. said...

Best of luck! That house looks just beautiful.

erin fry said...

very nice. kind of looks like mine... kind of. =) what part of town?