Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby J 6 Months Old

Don't judge him to harshly but the Hub just informed me recently that he was smitten with Baby J-he wasn't very fond of him before. They had somewhat of a tumultuous relationship until recently, this past weekend, so I'm happy about the new change. I think me nursing Baby J didn't allow the Hub much opportunity to hold Baby J. And when I wasn't nursing Baby J didn't really seem interested in others holding him. But now things are different! Baby J has turned into a more content baby who smiles, chews on his feet and giggles a lot! He loves being held and snuggled by daddy and overall more pleasant babe.
On Sunday we had him on all fours and he moved his back legs forward. We were really surprised! We're assuming he's going to crawl pretty soon...kind of crazy if it comes to fruition. W started crawling a week before he turned 1 and Super N started crawling at 1o or 11 months, I need to look it up.
Life in regards to Baby J is a bit easier and I'm very grateful!
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Amanda C. said...

Yay, Baby J! Go little guy, go!