Sunday, April 27, 2008

Random Mushroom Post

I found Morels in my front yard yesterday. There were only 5 but morels nonetheless! Mushrooms are one of my favorite things and I absolutely love the flavor of wild mushrooms. I had to blog about this b/c even though there are only 5 I will enjoy them! Now how should I prepare them?

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SelimaCat said...

First, make sure they're not the Death Angel or whatever. :) It's hard to continue without a liver.

Second, you could sell them for $26/pound.

Third, you could saute them in butter and stuff them in your gob. Nom, nom, nom.

Mark says he'd make a sauce to have them stretch. Chicken in a morel & sherry cream sauce. Oh my. On second thought, leave them in your yard. We'll be right over.