Saturday, April 05, 2008

Potager Gardening in April

In Mel Bartholomews book Square Foot Gardening, his "magic" mix to get your plants off to a good start consists of 1/3 of vermiculite, 1/3 of compost & a 1/3 of spaghum moss. The hub, kids and I went and got these 3 products today. Hopefully in the fall I"ll have enough compost generated to add to my beds so I don't have to buy more. A side note: I bought a composter at Sam's Club last weekend. It was $40, which is awesome, and a hair bigger than the one I currently own. I'm excited by this since our little family seems to produce an abundance of food waste that I'm having a hard time throwing away! Overall the cost of these 3 products for 3 3x3 raised beds was $100. Quite expensive in my opinion. I had hoped to do 6 beds but I think that was a bit unrealistic with my lifestyle at this point and I'm glad too with the cost and all (that would've been roughly $200!). I hope my composters will generate enough compost soon so I won't have to continue to purchase compost. That will save me a lot of cash especially as i add more raised beds to my garden.

I received in the mail the other day 50 strawberry plants, a blueberry plant, onions, and potatoes. I need to get the berry plants in the ground or in soil asap. So after I take a nap I plan to get on that.

I will take a picture later of my seeds so you can see how they are doing. It's been difficult for me to keep up on them as well as I'd like. But overall I think I'm doing okay. As you'll see from the pics I post later a lot of the seeds have sprouted and should be ready to plant in a couple of weeks after the frost passes. I hope to plant some heartier seeds outside today and just place milk jugs ontop to prevent them from being frozen. I'll take pics when all is said and done.

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