Thursday, February 12, 2009

Preschool V Day Party

W had a V Day party at school today. He was so excited after I picked him up that he actually wanted to share one of his lollipops with Super N. The said lollipop was shaped like a heart and stuffed into a cute little Barbie Princess card. He of course had his little fingers locked around the cool Transformers hologram card that his bud Isaac gave him.

The little man will be turning 4 at the end of March, crazy! We just moved Baby J out of the dining room and into W's room last night. We're hoping W's mature age will keep him from taking out his baby brother. Fortunately Baby J is loud and scares the crap out of the other babes so W will have to be clever in his attempts at homicide if he's to outskill the wee one. Also, our bedroom door is literally 4.5 feet away from Baby J so we can move it quick if needed.

Life is settling down a little thankfully. And the sun being out is wonderful. I cannot wait until spring.


Meg said...

Hey! This reminds me so much of Valentine's Day when I was a kid at school, when we all made cards for our parents without ever having to worry about all that crappy "Does he like me? Does he like Sarah? Does he like boys?" rubbish that came later. Oh, to be small again!

And thanks so much for your recent comments too! It's great to know there's someone out there enjoying my posts. Meg. xx.

Jenni said...

i'm kind of hoping for a transformer hologram valentine myself.

Shady Lady said...

We're loving Valentine's day. A holiday all about pink (well, red too). How can you go wrong?