Monday, February 02, 2009

Okay here I go again pretending I'm all organized. But I am a determined kind of gal! And this sort of list thang here I'm participating in kind of helps me remember to get dinner on the table and it helps me think ahead...well at least a bit. At any rate what's on the menu plan in the Monty household this week, your guess is as good as mine considering I'm not even sure what I have in my freezer! But regardless I'm gonna get something down on paper er. computer.

Monday: Chix and broccoli (prepared someway somehow, preferably cooked.)
Made this:

Tuesday: Ground Turkey.....ah yes meatloaf! DING DING DING. & sauteed zucchini w/ mashed Potatoes Actually what we ate...I had a hankering for Chipotle so we ate that.

Wednesday: I know I've got Rice (arborio)...dried morels...Risotto w/ dried Morels

Thursday: Tortillas, black beans, some cheese, salsa....ahh Enchilada something w/ sauteed bell peppers.

Friday: Lasagna (I think I can pull it off. I believe I have canned tom's and sauce, Ground cheese.) I'll run to the store and get some...hopefully otherwise it might just be pasta with sauce and ground turkey!

Saturday: Frozen Di Giornos

Sunday: I got beans and things to make broth out of ...I'll pull something together for Soup!


Rachel said...

Sounds delicious! And you're incredibly organized! I never know what I'm making until I'm in the aisle of the grocery store.

Jenni said...

i pretend to be this organized, but then we just get take out :)

Shady Lady said...

I am seriously impressed with you menu planning! I've added quesadillas to our weekly rotation. Never planned, but for the night that I just can't come up with something else.

Shady Lady said...
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Aliceson said...

We're coming over Thursday night. Black bean Enchiladas sound great- must try it!

lizbonj said...

I'm excited for my DiGiorno's & some snuggle time!!