Thursday, February 19, 2009

Potty Training My Gal

I filled out the Preschool applications last week. W who attends 2 day preschool now will attend 3 day preschool next year. Super N will start 2 day a week preschool, she's very excited that W's school will be her school too.

In order for the kids to actually be able to attend preschool they must be potty trained. Last year I wasn't sure if W would go to school or not because a month before school started he was still in dipes. But lo and behold I and the huz kept working with him and 1 week before school started he succeeded!

In thinking about potty training Super N, I'd like to start a little sooner. Are there things I could be doing now? Yes I could read a book and I have, a few actually. But I'd rather hear what has worked with others as you have worked with your daughters on potty training them. I've heard that potty training boys and girls are a bit different so I need some help mommas! Any suggestions, strategies, military like schematics? I'm all ears!


Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Let me know if you have any more questions, I will gladly help you!

Aliceson said...

I could make you a drawing but it would include many pairs of wet tights.

Potty training was a challenge for my girls. We used a reward sticker chart, that seemes to help the most, but seriously it sucked and I'm so glad were out of that ...almost. My youngest still wears a Pull-up to bed and is almost never dry in the morning unless we wake her up very early. Both of my girls were potty trained (daytime) when they entered preschool but did have a few accidents the first year.Good luck to you, and I know when I sent my girls to preschool there were a few kids still wearing pull-ups to class. The teachers just don't want to be changing anyone during school time and I certainly can't argue with that.

Shell said...

I've always heard that boys are much tougher than girls, so if you succeeded with your boy, you should be fine! I have one who has to be potty trained by September to start preschool and I'm worried...but, even though it sounds like it will be here soon, it's 6 months away. That's a long time for them to get it!

Kelly said...

When the time came I simply removed Violet's diapers and put the potty in the living room (or whatever room we were in). We were winter housebound, so she spent a lot of time in dresses with a bare bottom underneath. This worked great, but was messy sometimes. We taught her how to clean up after herself and after the first time she had to remove her own poopy underpants she was trained. Of course, we cloth diapered and were already accustomed to the pungent smell of urine hanging around the house. Violet did have some independence related setbacks. She would assure us she did not have to pee, just as it was running down her leg. We solved that by employing a kitchen timer to remind her it was time to go potty. A fancy visual timer, like the ones they use in school, would have worked better, but I am cheap. Regardless of what you, it's all about being consistent. Good luck.

Momma Bear said...

I think what I'm running into now with sitting the potty out is that Baby J is crawling around, really fast, and will hijack the commode! Thus yucky pee spillage! So I'm not sure what to do with that. Perhaps I should get a gate. thanks for comments so far this is encouraging and motivating!

Angela said...

No, I don't mind sharing it!

The method I used is

I thought there were both good and bad things about it, I did a review of it here -

But in the end, it actually did work, and it feels great to have it over with so soon.

Shady Lady said...

Wish I could help. We just let our daughter do her thing. She waited until she was 3 1/2 and just switched from diaper to potty and that was that. Lots of luck to you!!

Rachel said...

Momma Bear, I'd recommend getting one of the potty seats that just sit on the regular toilet seat, instead of a seperate kid-potty. That's what I've used for all of mine.

The girls seemed to be easier than the boy, in my experience. Although, I wouldn't say that ANY of them were very hard. We did have a few false starts, though. The key is recognizing when they're ready, I think. If your first attempt results in accident after accident for days on end, I'd suggest putting the underpants and the potty seat away and trying again in a month.

When you ARE ready, just go for it. Pick a week when you have nothing else going on, then just have your little one wear underpants at home. You may have a few accidents, but don't give up. And reward like crazy!!! I always did candy (because my kids are like junkies for that stuff!) and it REALLY motivated them. Really, once they were ready, it was only a matter of days.

Good luck! I can't wait for an update on your progress!

Mrs. Jo said...

I recommend hard-hitting it and just going after it for a week and staying home and staying focused on it. I let Jer watch a fun potty-training movie about 3 times a day and he would sit on the potty while watching. Once they figure out the sensations of peeing, then they start to learn to work the muscles down there and can hold it or let it out soon after sitting down on the potty or holding it until they get to the potty. Girls are slightly easier than boys in my opinion. The hardest part is keeping your cool and being patient with all the inital messes. Especially if you have 3 little ones, as I know you do, and have more than enough to do in a day!

Thanks for all your kind and encouraging comments all of the time!

BoLOGna said...

I should have read your posts before i saw you today! chocolate covered raisins doled out one per trip, a potty ring to sit on the big toilet, and time the trips by watching the clock and the amount of liquid. If you know she had a big glass of juice at breakfast-wait a half hour or so then take her to the potty. avoid outings till she gets the hang of it. we spent a large portion of outings visiting public restrooms, till the novelty wore off. sigh. i can't imagine that working with three!

gramma in red truck said...

bev c.aka:gramma in red truck
when you and sister were little i let you smell the poopy pants and explained that was not good. that did it along with the fact i bought some really frilly lacy butt undies for toddlers and promised once no more poopies in undies or peeing in them you would get the pretty ones that was a huge incentive then we cut off all water or fluid intake about 6 p.m. cause you were in bed by 7 or so and had plenty of dry beds after going to potty before going to bed. so lots luck.