Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thoughts On Food, Inc

Hey peeps!

Just wrote some thoughts on what I took away from the film Food, Inc. I'm still thinking about the contents of it (and grieving in some regards.) Please check out the post on the other blog if you are so inclined. Take Care!


Shady Lady said...

I just came back from reading your other blog. Excellen post! I have been eating pastured and organic for neaarly two years now. In Oregon, we are lucky enough to have a fast food restaurant that only buys local AND uses beef from pastured cows! We love Burgerville!

Have you read the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon? I higly recommend it!

Momma Bear said...

Shady Lady,

I bought NT in January and have really loved reading through it. We practice a lot of what Sally talks about in her book. We use raw milk too and the farmer we go through for it has grain fed animals, sans cows-grass fed instead and the chickens and eggs are organic, etc. He also practices NT and sales coconut oil, cod liver oil, etc. I consider myself very fortunate to have run across a farmer that has a lot of the same beliefs. So cool to have found you. It also feels good to take our own nutrition and that of our kids into our own hands a opposed to the food industry, don't you think?! thanks for sharing! And if you ever have anything to share please do. I may use you as a resource if i have questions about this stuff. Take care!!

Shady Lady said...

Momma Bear, I'm happy to chat about this topic any time! It is something I am very passionate about. I have some excellent resources for quality products, like Mountain Rose Herbs here in Oregon. You can order from them online. They have amazing organic & fair trade teas. They also have the freshest herbs and they are organic, too! To top it all off, their prices are amazing and their shipping charges are reasonable. Check them out.