Monday, January 28, 2008

All the thrifty moms out there...

About 2 weeks ago i overhauled our budget. Jason and i for the last few years have been feeling more and more stressed b/c we just couldn't seem to get our finances together. We've never defaulted on loans or anything like that but instead we are just wooed by many material possessions and i'm often won over by convenience items, anything to make life a little easier.

The last few months though I've had a change of heart about our finances and our responsibilities to our kids. One day it occurred to me that my children will need to go to the dentist and since we don't have dental insurance and I know what it costs Jason and i just to get a periodic cleaning and xray or filling, i panicked.

About a year ago some friends had been telling me about the book The Money Makeover. I bought it and read it and i guess you can say i've been contemplating it the last year. Our church offered a financial workshop a few weekends ago. It was about a 4 hour workshop and i had planned to attend but as the weekend drew nearer the thought of spending 4 hours of my time sitting in a room sounded awful! So instead i allowed the kids to play around me for about 2 or 3 mornings and got all our financial information down on paper and evaluated everything. I then came up with a plan that will have us out of debt in 3 years and have our house paid off in 6 years. This has been a very freeing process to go through.

I am now obsessed with moms who blog about ways to save money. It's encouraging and motivating and i'm finding it fun to see how low i can get the grocery budget. I would love to know how others save money. If you read this and feel so inclined to share...Please Do!

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