Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's Bath Day!

W & Super N got to be in their first bath together. Although W still likes to show his sister who's boss by pushing her over, smacking her on the head and telling her, "stop it" periodically, he didn't seeem to mind that she has infiltrated his bathtime.
I would suspect if she stays on her side he'll be fine. Oh yes and if she doesn't play with his pirate ship she'll be fine.

W these days is just amazing the Hub and I. It's as if he had a pocket full of words and decided to just pull them out a few days ago.

He's been saying, "1,2,6" for a while when he attempts to count. But yesterday he said, "1,2,6,15,16".
On sunday i was in the passenger seat of the car and i tossed an item out the drivers seat, while we were parked in our driveway having just got back from Lowe's. Well it didn't land the way i would have liked so I said, "Woops!". W then repeats it's, "Woops". Which that was cute, but yesterday he was doing something and dropped an item he was holding and said, "Woops!". I was thinking wow he knew the context for which that word was appropriate!

I'm going to try to write each new word down as i remember.

Super N's jolly nature has changed a lot over the last week. She is teething and is very cranky and hard to please. Even when we try to cuddle with her, which she loves, she squirms and starts yelling and then crying. She has also soaked 3/4 of every shirt she wears over the last week. It's as if she has a bib of slobber on!

I hope she gets a tooth soon b/c she seems very uncomfortable. I've been giving her pretzel rods to teeth on and she seems to really enjoy those. I've also periodically put orajel on her gums but she hates it so i limit that.

Super N is also going from sitting up to lying on her belly. She attempts to lean forward while sitting up, and she also is able to pull herself forward, but then does a slight twist and ends up on her belly. Last night i gave her some tummy time and she almost crawled backwards. I think she's close to crawling, W at her age had no interest but Super N is much more curious than W it seems at this age. W was content to just play in one place at 9 months and didn't seem to have an interest in anything more until he was almost one years old.

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