Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Corolla Beach, NC 2007

We went to Corolla Beach in North Carolina this year for vacation. The trip down was an estimated 11.5 hour drive but it took us about 14 hours as a whole. The night before we were to leave Jason had to go to the ER with an 104 degree temperature, dizziness and chills. He was diagnosed with the flu and released that night. He did get better as the week progressed but the drive down required me to drive so he could try to rest. I drove us to Charlottesville, VA which is about 8 hours south of Columbus. We stayed the night at a hotel and then picked up the next day and Jason drove another 6 hours to the Outer Banks.

The kids loved the beach right away! We couldn't keep Nora from crawling toward the ocean! Every chance she got she was in the water. She sometimes got hit with a wave and still giggles and squealed. Will wore his daddy out by wanting to be held while they played in the waves.

At one point Jason and our friend Eric dug a hole and put Nora in it, she fell asleep immediately. They then buried her arms to protech them from the sun and then proceeded to build a castle around her. Nora won the coolest baby award that week! She slept for over an hour in that hole. She's such a fun kid!

I think we plan to wait a few more years before we plan another beach vacation in North Carolina. Summer doesn' t feel like summer unless we go to the beach but with little kids, it's very tiring.
We plan to wait until the kids are a little older and self reliant, we will also stay for 2 weeks instead of 1 week.
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